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Is going to a professional firearms instructor to receive training with your firearm worth it?  Let me ask you this, would you buy a pair of boxing gloves and jump in the ring without any training?  Then why would you own a firearm for personal protection and never learn how to use it efficiently?

Too many people become instant firearms experts when they buy a gun or when they own a gun or start watching YouTube.  I also hear many ridiculous comments, such as: ” I’ll just shoot him, I can shoot, I was a cop (or military) what can you teach me,” and things of that nature.

Generally what I see is people coming out to the range shooting at snail pace or trying to make their firearm sound like a machine gun.  They will walk up to their target and look at it for a minute or two.  When they do this, I ask myself, are they thinking, what do I need to do to improve?  If they are, that is great.  Most of the time, I hear, I just need to shoot better.  This tells me they do not know how to practice.


This student thought firearms training was worth it.

Training teaches you what and how to practice,” James Yeager.  If you are not taught the skill in the proper context, you are wasting time and money.  Yes, you can effectively use a firearm to defend yourself or a love one.  Being effective is achieving a stated goal.  The goal can be achieved in a variety of ways, but alone is irrelevant.  You want to be able to perform the skill efficiently.  Efficiency requires less time, effort, and energy.  Also, consistency has to be added into the mix as well.  Consistency increase our efficiency.  This means, try to perform the skill in the same place and say way as often as possible.  This gives you fewer options for dealing with a situation.

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It does cost money to go train. You need to look at it in this way, it is an investment.  That money you pay in now will pay dividends in the future.  You will be able to go to the range and know what skills you need to become more efficient at.  The skills you learn could save your life or a loved one.  If you’re interested in learn more about the courses DTS offers please email us at