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Rocking a Holster at Your Local Range

The context of this article is for anyone who is not an armed professional and has not had any training with a holster. As I go on to write this, I’m sure there will be some overlap for armed professionals too.

If you wear a holster at your local range or gun club, have you had proper training for the reason why you’re carrying a gun? Are you only using an outside of the waistband holster you got at a local gun shop or from Wal-Mart? Generally these holsters are the absolute worst for concealed carry. Again, generally they are nylon with a strap, plastic that sticks out like cancer or leather holsters that will collapse and have a great risk of pointing a load gun at your hand if you holster with a loaded gun.

This is a horrible hoslter for EDC. I've seen tons of these on the range.

This is a horrible hoslter for EDC. I’ve seen tons of these on the range.

For the most part, I do not see anyone actually do any holster work when they rock one on the local range. What I generally see is the person will come to the range, not carrying a gun, take all of their gear out of their bag. Then they will load a magazine, then put the loaded magazine in the gun and not chamber a round. From there, they will put the gun inside of their holster and walk to the firing line. They will proceed to take the gun out of the holster, rack a round in the chamber and shoot all of their magazines they have on them. Also, they retain the old magazine before grabbing a new magazine to reload the gun. After all that is done, they will re-holster an empty gun and repeat everything all over again.

This is concealed carry cancer. We all can tell you're carring a gun.

This is concealed carry cancer. We all can tell you’re carring a gun.

I ask you, what are you really getting out of all practice? Do you know what to practice? Do you know you can get proper training to learn how to practice? Also, do you want to become better or are you content with what you’re doing?

I do not recommend practicing any holster work without proper training from a professional competent instructor. Taking a loaded gun in and out of the holster is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Even with training, look at what this guy did to himself. Thank God he actually took some medical training, not just first aid. He patched himself up and is alive to tell about his misfortune.

Get educated to help make yourself the most efficient during the worst case scenario.

By Tyler Grant

Chopped Glock

Chopped Glock 19

Chopped Glock 19

I’m not going to lie to you, this was a risky thing to do. I did not do the chop job.  I had a buddy who chopped his Glock and did a great job. I have recently switched to carry AIWB from the 3 to 5 O’clock position. It has been an easy change for me. My brother, Ian Strimbeck from Down Range Firearms Training, kept on hounding me to make the switch. He told me, “Tyler you’re too skinny and athletic not to carry appendix. Fix yourself.” I knew it was 100% perfectly safe. I just had to get over the idea.

The only big problem I had when I first started carrying my Glock 19 pre chopped was the grip extending past my belt line and it printing really bad. I had to wear baggy shirts, I had to mitigate the printing.  I had a buddy who chopped his Glock 22 to a Glock 27  grip length. He got the idea when Rob Pincus chopped his Glock with a Dremel Tool.  My buddy calls it the Glock 27XL.

Non Chopped Glcok

Non Chopped Glock 19

Chopped Glock 19

He chopped the grip length to a Glock 26 length. It takes the ten round magazine perfectly now.  I also had him take out the unnecessary finger groves on the front strap of the grip. For this being his second chop job, it was real good. It could have looked horrible and I would not have cared. I am all about function. I can see later down the road to having more projects like this done.After my buddy chopped it, I replaced many springs to overhaul the gun. It has around 10,000 rounds through it. I could tell a difference in length of the old and new springs. They were all standard Glocks springs.

Anytime you heavily modify your defensive firearm, you need to test it. The procedure I followed was 200 rounds of target loads and 50 personal protection rounds without any malfunctions. The felt recoil feels a little bit different. It’s going to take a little bit to get used to, but I’m not worried. I’m really happy how it turned out.

Chopped Glock Targets During Testing

Chopped Glock Targets During Testing

I’ve been trying a few different holsters for IAWB. I started out with Crossbreed Holsters’ Appendix Holster. From there I tried a holster made by an alumni, Grant LaVelle of Maximum Life Expectancy out of Missouri. He is a great man and I have nothing but good things to say about him. At some point, I want to take one of his courses. I’ve gone back and forth with those two holsters. I like them both.  I mainly wear the Crossbreed Holster now.

Crossbreed Holsters Appenidx Hoslter

Crossbreed Holsters Appenidx Hoslter

EGA Appendix Pro

EGA Appendix Pro

Tyler Grant