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Ankle Medical Kit

Being involved in the gun community, we are very quick to carry a gun, spare magazine and maybe even some edged weapons to protect ourselves or our loved ones. The overwhelming amount of time, no one thinks to carry a trauma kit on their person.  Generally this is due to people not thinking about getting injured themselves, having to “work on” an injured loved one or even patch up an innocent bystander. Also, I think part of problem is many kits are really bulky and really only comfortably fit in cargo pockets. Realistically, people do not  wear “tactical pants” everyday or even at all. Let us look at the No Vis Ankle Medical Kit (NVAMK) from Rogue Gunfighter (RG) and why I think it should be a part of your EDC.

I am wearing the rig with my KHUL pants.

I am wearing the rig with my KHUL pants.

The NVAMK was originally designed for operators to carry medical gear on their person during low profile missions. This is a perfect concept for the everyday armed citizen as well.  Our goal is to carry everything we need with as little “printing” as possible.


All of the kit’s content.

This is what all came in my kit.

  1. Ankle holster/holder

  2. SOF Tactical Tourniquet 1.5”

  3. Combat Gauze (Z-Folding Hemostatic Dressing)

  4. PMI HALO Seals

  5. Nasopharyngeal Airway Tube with Lube

  6. Tactical Medical Solutions Combat Casualty Card

  7. EMT Shears

I have to tell you, this kit is really comfortable. I was honestly worried about it printing at first. If you wear it with general loose fitting pants in the ankle area, no one will ever know you have it on you. I have worn it with many different fabrics and style of pants as well. You can adjust the tightness on your ankle with the hook and loop closure.  The inside of the ankle holster is very nicely padded with a mesh design that is completely breathable as well and has been treated with an anti-microbial coating. This kit has a place for everything you really need with various pockets. If you already have medical gear laying around, you can order just the ankle rig completely “stripped.” They do sell it fully stocked with medical products from “Tac Med Solutions” as well.

Pocket to the rear.

Pocket to the rear.

For the least amount of printing, the hook and loop side should be worn forward on your ankle/shin. This thereby makes the main, large pocket on the rear of your ankle/calf, making it very hard to notice. The EMT Shears and the tourniquet will run along the side of your ankle, helping matching the profile of you leg.

This is by far the best and most efficient solution I’ve seen to carry medical gear on your person to date. Also, this has become apart of my personal and professional EDC.  If you carry medical supplies on your person or have not considered it yet, I would recommend for you to buy this piece of kit and incorporate it in you EDC.

Written by, Tyler Grant

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