Carbine Fundamentals

Carbine Fundamentals is a shooting program designed to help new and inexperience shooters to become more confident and more efficient with a carbine length rifle in the context of a threat outside of two arms reach. The student will discover various zeros and the distinct advantages some have over others. This course will educate the student how to properly maintain and understand how their carbine operates. Also, the student will be given recommendations on the subject of accessories.

Carbine Fundamentals

Carbine Fundamentals is great for shooters at all levels.

Course Dates: Contact for course dates.

Topics being covered are the following:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Desirable Hand Placement
  • Discussion of Trigger Press
  • Operate Carbine Efficiently
  • Build Solid Fundamentals
  • Balance of Speed and Precision
  • Discussion of Internal/External Ballistics
  • Learn How to Maintain Your Carbine
  • Gear Selection and Use

Cost $250powered by cfs

Round Count 350

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