Dynamic Training Strategies

prepares private citizens and armed professions for the worst case scenario. Our courses are specifically designed with the Dynamic Critical Incident in mind. We provide the best training in personal protection, firearms and self-defense. Training evolution has arrived.. More »

Introduction to Home Defense

is designed for the student who wants to learn home defense with a handgun. More »

Combat Focus Shooting

is an Intuitive shooting program designed to help the student be more Efficient with a defensive firearm in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. More »

Carbine Fundamentals

is a shooting program designed to help new shooters become efficient and confident in the context controlling a carbine and use in defensive nature on threats outside two arms reach. More »

Close Quarter Defensive Concepts

is force on force scenario based course for student to merge their training in self defense with and without a gun More »

Private Training

Dynamic Training Strategies offers private training for anyone wanting privacy while learning life saving skills. The private training includes all of our courses and shorter lesson blocks. More »

Combat Focus Carbine

is designed to expose students to an efficient method of defending themselves with a semi-automatic rifle during a dynamic critical incident. More »


Olympic Weightlifting

My journey in Olympic Weightlifting began on March 16, 2013. I was in Little Rock, AR to perform the CrossFit Open WOD, 13.1 at CrossFit

Red Dots on Handguns

A little more than a month ago, I mentioned a few cons relating to the use of a red dot sight on a defensive handgun. At one point, I

Instructors & Fitness

A few weeks ago, I wrote controversial article in which I stated that people should judge the value of a potential defensive shooting instructor based

Defensive Handgun or Play Toy

When do you cross the line of adding accessories to your defensive handgun to turn it into a more of a play toy?  What do

U.S. Army Combatives, Level One: Day Two

If you have not read Day One, please click here to read it.  The day started out with another hour session of conditioning. I could

Kinesiology Tape and Shooting

With the recent partnering of Chris Costa and Rocktape, I wanted to write a little something about how it can aid in firearm courses. Kinesiology tape

U.S. Army Combatives, Level One: Day One

U.S. Army Combatives, Level One: Day One I was invited to Level One about two months ago, after I helped run some pistol training for

Rocking a Holster at Your Local Range

The context of this article is for anyone who is not an armed professional and has not had any training with a holster. As I

Chopped Glock

I’m not going to lie to you, this was a risky thing to do. I did not do the chop job.  I had a buddy

Edged Weapons

I have been debating for a long time now if I would ever need to start carrying a knife or knives with my EDC. It